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Quad i.MX27® Processor Board with Pre-packaged Video and Audio Software

Beyond Electronics, a technology leader providing rugged, real-time computing solutions to OEMs and system integrators, has announced the availability of a four processor, symmetric architecture, Freescale i.MX27 VMEbus processor board. The CPU-iMX27-VME product is available in either conduction or convection cooled variants. It features independent memory and I/O resources for each processor and a six port GigaBit Ethernet switch to aid in data management. The board features four video inputs, five video outputs (four independent ports with one separate combined output), four audio inputs and four audio outputs. Each processor chip contains an MPEG4/H.264 encoder and decoder. The product is provided with a pre-packaged embedded Linux operating system running on each processor, video and audio management software and a web interface to allow easy configuration.

The CPU-iMX27-VME processor board typically operates with less than 11 Watts of power, but maintains the full bandwidth of the four i.MX27 processor chips running at 400 MHz each. To avoid data processing bottlenecks, each processor has its own DDR2 SDRAM, NAND and NOR FLASH, Ethernet interface to the central switch and interface to the VMEbus. Other I/O includes: 8 high current sinking outputs with fault detection, one high current drive source output with fault detection and four serial ports. Audio outputs can be optionally routed through two dual channel amplifiers with outputs capable of 15 Watts per channel.

“We are excited to bring a product to market with an extraordinarily comprehensive hardware and software solution enabling an integrator to take it out of the box and immediately start to develop embedded computing or video applications,” said George Schreck, Chief Technical Officer, Beyond Electronics Corporation. “The combination of mainly GPL software, open source custom software and an extensive development and update environment enable immediate productivity with minimal investment in tools.”

The CPU-iMX27-VME has been fully qualified for military applications including: shock/vibration, temperature, temperature rate of change, noise injection, etc.
The CPU-iMX27-VME has already been deployed, is in service and is available immediately.

For more information about the CPU-iMX27-VME or Beyond Electronics’ line of rugged products, please visit Beyond Electronics’ web site at, or contact Beyond Electronics Corporation at 1-919-231-8000, fax 1-919-231-8001.

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