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DIN-LSA Fiber Optic Emitters and Detectors Are Again Available

Raleigh, NC, May 2013 – Beyond Electronics, a technology leader providing rugged, real-time computing solutions to OEMs and system integrators, has introduced a series of DIN-LSA fiber optic emitters and detectors. These parts were initially targeted at applications with obsolescence and long term maintenance woes. However, the parts are designed using the latest materials and processes so are suitable for new applications requiring very rugged, small format fiber optic connections.

The first parts in service were 850 nm detectors and emitters. These parts were successfully tested and qualified for use on boards running critical in flight applications. Wide bandwidth detectors and 1300 nm emitters are now available and more variants will be released soon.

Because the parts were designed for extremely harsh environments, the connector housings were cut from stainless steel. The electronics within the body are encapsulated in an epoxy material. This combination enables the parts to survive extremely harsh environments without degradation.

To meet military survivability requirements, the initial parts were tested across a temperature range of -65 to +90C. They have also been submitted to a full battery of environmental testing including altitude, pressure rate of change, shock, vibration, etc.

For more information about the DIN-LSA fiber optics interfaces or any of Beyond Electronics’ line of rugged products, please visit Beyond Electronics’ web site at, or contact Beyond Electronics Corporation at 1-919-231-8000, fax 1-919-231-8001.

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