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VxWorks® Upgrade Path for Legacy PPC Customers

Raleigh, NC, May 2013 Beyond Electronics, a technology leader providing rugged, real-time computing solutions to OEMs and system integrators, has introduced a new VxWorks 6.9 board support package (BSP) for the CPU-PPC460EX-VME (CPU460) processor board. This BSP is designed to offer PowerPC customers, running on older versions of VxWorks, a path forward.

The CPU460 processor board was designed to reduce problems of obsolescence by integrating most major peripherals into an FPGA that was written in generic Verilog. This allows the design to be retained even in the event that the FPGA becomes unavailable. In a similar spirit, the 6.9 version of the BSP retains much of the original user interface, allowing a migration from 5.5x with relatively little new software investment.

Because of the inherent flexibility and modularity of the design of the CPU460 and its associated BSP, the software and hardware for the board can be easily modified to replicate the functionality of many different vendors PowerPC processors. This can relieve the problem of existing boards becoming obsolete due to unavailability of parts.

The CPU460 currently supports VxWorks® 5.5 and 6.9 as well as the Linux® operating system. The new CPU460 BSP is ready for immediate deployment.

For more information about the CPU-PPC460EX-VME processor board, it’s software or any of Beyond Electronics’ line of rugged products, please visit Beyond Electronics’ web site at, or contact Beyond Electronics Corporation at 1-919-231-8000, fax 1-919-231-8001.

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