The PMC-Enclosure-1 is a conduction cooled enclosure designed to house conduction cooled PMC boards. The box accepts system voltage coming in and generates all major signals required to start up and maintain a PMC. In addition, the box routes all PN4 I/O to a circular mil connector on the front of the box. A second circular connector supports the power, ground and chassis connections.


  • One piece machined aluminum enclosure
  • One piece aluminum rear cover
  • Power supplies “potted” in thermal compound
  • Input current and voltage protection
  • PN-4 routed to a separate I/O connector
  • -40 to +85°C operation


  • Adequate power for most PMCs
    • 5V @ up to 3A
    • 3.3V @ up to 4A
    • +12V @ 400 mA
    • -12V @ 150 mA
  • Vin: 9 volts to 36 volts DC.
  • Built in power monitoring, reset circuit and PCI clock.

General Specifications

  • Rear Cover Dimensions: 177.8 x 92.71 mm
  • Main Box: 152.40 x 92.71 x 33.66 mm, not including the height of the connectors protruding from the top

Environmental Specifications

  • Shock: 40G ½ sine, 20 mS
  • Random Vibration: 0.1g2/Hz 5-1000Hz
  • Sine Vibration: 5g 32-2000Hz
  • Humidity: 100% condensing
  • Operating Temperature: -40C to +85C
  • Storage Temperature: -55C to +100C

Ordering Information

PMC-Enclosure-1 – includes the unit with the power supply, rear cover and plastic dust caps for the connectors


  • Datasheet in "pdf" format
  • Environmental Test Report (upon request)

This is an example PMC board next to the rear of the box open. You can clearly see the interface for the PMC module and the conduction cooling interface bars in the box.