The PMC-VA board enables the use of legacy PMC boards in newer host platforms. Because many of the older PMC board designs connected their VCCio to 5 Volts, they cannot be plugged into a board with 3.3 Volt I/O or even in some hosts with universal I/O without damaging the host power supplies or causing serious damage. The PMC-VA has on-board level translators that adapt the voltage levels of all PCI signal lines to the appropriate levels. The board will also adapt 3.3 Volt PMC boards to 5 Volt host systems. A jumper on the front of the board allows selection of the required PMC VCCio Voltage. In the event that the VCCio is incorrectly set, an on-board fuse will help protect the system power supplies.

The board comes standard with all four PMC connectors installed, but because some legacy PMCs had either two or four connectors and had components where the other connectors would reside, the board can be ordered with any preferred connector population option.


  • Enables use of 5 Volt signaling PMC modules in 3.3 Volt host systems
  • Enables use of 3.3 Volt signaling PMC modules in 5 Volt host systems
  • Available with 32 bit or 64 bit PMC connections
  • PN4 connects straight through
  • On-board fuse protects system from accidental power damage caused by incorrect configuration
  • -40 to +80°C Operation


  • PMC-VA-32 32 bit implementation
  • PMC-VA-64 64 bit implementation


  • Datasheet in "pdf" format
  • Hardware User Manual (upon request)