Beyond Electronics provides design services for companies that are building prototypes or are planning production. We have a wide range of in-house tools and are capable of participating in large programs or providing turn key solutions.

Digital and Analog Electrical Design

Electrical design is targeted at keeping the cost within budget while still achieving wide temperature range and optimal performance. We have done designs with processors exceeding 2 GHz, multi-cores and differing architectures. We are familiar with Intel, Freescale, NXP, AMD as well as others. Many of our design requirements include very wide voltage inputs and low power consumption so the designs can live in very rugged, conduction cooled environments.

Environmental Testing

For customers wanting to be initimately involved in the testing of their products, we offer access to our well-equipped facilities and access to our experienced personnel. For more turn-key testing, we can provide testing to the highest standards as well as quality evaluation and reporting. We can handle all steps in the process; from concept to analysis, test planning, fixture design and fabrication, consulting, lab testing and reporting.

FPGA development

We offer both the ability to design custom FPGA code and also have a small library of IP modules available. Most development is done with Altera tools. However, since all modules are written in standard languages they are readily adapted to most other environments. We successfully deployed designs ranging from small CPLDs to complex systems with network interfaces, data acquisition, video acquisition and display and embedded processors running real time operating systems.

Layout, Routing and Mechanical Design

Our CAD department provides both electrical as well as mechanical services. Schematic capture is done using DxDesigner or Concept. We have produced designs up to approximately 100 schematic pages. Layout and routing is achieved using PADs or Cadence tools. Our capabilities extend to layer counts above 16, blind and buried VIAs, controlled impedance and internal cooling planes. All mechanical design work is done using SolidWorks 3D modeling.

Software Design and Development

Beyond Electronics has developed software for a wide array of applications and on a varied assortment of operating systems. Operating system support includes: VxWorks, embedded Linux, Windows XP, QNX, as well as others. All levels of code can be provided. A few examples include: Linux drivers, VxWorks drivers, real time procedural interfaces, intelligent I/O controller embedded code, video and voice over IP, etc.